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Council tax bands and charges

Adult social care

The government has put in place changes to the way in which council tax can be used to fund adult social care services. In this area, adult social care is run by Lancashire County Council. The changes mean that councils who run adult social care services can charge an additional "precept" on the whole charge - separate from the increase applied to general funding.

For 2022/23 the overall council tax charge has been increased by 3.99%. The 3.99% increase comprises 1.99% general increase in council tax and a 2% increase for adult social care.  The 2% adult social care increase consists of the 1% announced in the Government settlement for 2022/23 plus 1% deferred from 2021/22. This means that adult social care element has increased by 2% or £29.12 on the overall charge (for a Band D property).

This is calculated as follows:

£29.12 (the amount of adult social care increase) divided by £1,456.19 (last year’s overall Band D charge) multiplied by 100 (to give a percentage figure).