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UK Shared Prosperity Fund

Levelling up Wyre

Last year our investment plans for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) were approved by government, which means that we will receive £3.9 million over the next three years as part of the government’s Levelling Up agenda.

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund will provide a total of £2.6 billion funding and all areas across the UK will receive an allocation of the fund. The overarching aim of the funding is to build pride in place and increase life chances.

UKSPF Investment Plan 

In order to secure the funding, we submitted an investment plan proposal to government outlining potential projects that the funding would be used for. The plan and the priorities it identified were written in consultation with Wyre’s Town Centre Partnership boards and organisations who can deliver county-wide initiatives. It supports strategic business recovery in key economic centres in the borough and includes a range of projects that focus around seven themes, which in turn contribute to the government’s set priorities:

  • Town centre improvements
  • Wyre gives back
  • Wyre moving more
  • Arts and culture
  • Visitor economy
  • Wyre backs business
  • Wyre net zero

You can download a copy of Wyre Council's UKSPF Investment Plan Summary here. This document may not be fully accessible. Please contact if you need this in an alternative format. 


There are around 15 projects currently progressing, which range in scope from local creative activities like events, festivals and arts programmes, through to larger scale projects that support businesses, existing town centre CCTV upgrade, the development of community facilities and improvements to our parks and public realm, as well as a multitude of other exciting projects in between for heritage, climate change, community and voluntary group development and more.

Blue Plaque heritage programme

Wyre Council are supporting Fleetwood Civic Society on an initiative to have Blue Plaques installed on buildings in the town which commemorate a historical link with a location and/or a noteworthy person. There is a public consultation taking place currently, to get residents to suggest their preferred choices, take part online here:

Multiple Arts Programme

Funding has also been granted to facilitate a fantastic, diverse, Multiple Arts Programme in Cleveleys, supporting the Cleveleys Town Centre Group and Partnership Board with their ambitions to create a rolling calendar of exciting events for the town over the next 2 years. You can follow Visit Cleveleys to keep up to date on the brilliant activities and events to come!

Development of a new carers group

In consultation with the Greater Garstang Partnership Board, Wyre Council are supporting the provision of a brand new Carers’ Group for the town and surrounding villages over the next three years. For more information and meeting dates, contact

Cottam Hall Playing Fields community garden

Wyre Council is working with Poulton in Bloom on the development of a beautiful new Community Garden at Cottam Hall Playing Fields. This is just one part of a wider, large-scale project, working to renovate and futureproof Cottam Hall in Poulton, to be utilised and enjoyed to its full potential in the years to come.

Fleetwood Market improvements

Fleetwood Market is going through an exciting period of rejuvenation currently, with vital funding and investment helping to enable the significant improvement works underway which will support its future as a key attraction in the borough. You can read more about the Fleetwood Market works here.

Net Zero business support

An allocation of UKSPF funds has also gone towards the development of Wyre’s Low Carbon Business Support, to be delivered by the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. Wyre Council values all businesses across the borough, the contribution they make to local economy and the important role they play in tackling climate change and this one to one business support will be a vital tool to help businesses take control of their own environmental impact. Learn more here: Businesses – Wyre Council

Heritage Action Zone Cultural Programme, Fleetwood event

Wyre Council have also provided funds to go towards the creation of a brand new event in Fleetwood for 2023. Plans are being developed to create a mass participation event featuring light based installations in multiple formats across different town centre venues and landmarks.

Cleveleys and Garstang Town Centre Studies

Significant investment has been awarded to both Cleveleys and Garstang to aid in the development of their respective Town centre studies, which will be used to underpin and inform the proposed planned improvements to our public realm for 2025.

Provisional grants have also been awarded for the development of the ‘Spot On’ festival Poulton and Over Wyre, ‘Fleetwood Moves’ festival in Fleetwood and ‘Garstang Glow’ in Garstang. These arts and events activities will include indoor and outdoor theatre, inclusive dance performances and workshops, light and sound experiential trails and more.

Rural England Prosperity Fund 

Wyre Council has also been awarded £400k in REPF funding, to be invested in initiatives such as farm diversification, projects to boost rural tourism, and community infrastructure projects including electric vehicle charging stations. The funding will also help people start up local businesses to supercharge growth and create employment opportunities for rural areas. 

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For more information, please email or call the UKSPF team on 01253 8877471

We are supporting a range of projects across Wyre with our allocation of UKSPF money. Please subscribe to our e-news to get all of the latest news and updates on our UKSPF projects or look for updates on our social media:

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