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Paper, plastic and textile recycling

Recycling paper, plastics and textiles

Recycling paper

Rather than contributing to landfill, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, glossy paper and junk mail can all be recycled.

Please take advantage of the council's blue bag/bin scheme and start recycling paper and card today.

Recycling plastic

Plastic has always been a difficult and expensive material to recycle. There are many different types. It is very light for the space it takes up and it can be difficult to clean and process. The council currently offers collections of some plastic items.

Recycling textiles 

Got a wardrobe full of clothes that you don't wear anymore? Don't throw them away or leave them to gather dust. Recycle them at one of our textiles recycling points.

All clothes donated are used for charitable purposes.

Please take advantage of the council's green box scheme and start recycling today.

What to put in your bags or bins

Find out what you can put in your bags or bins


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