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Discretionary Housing Payment application form

Discretionary Housing Payments

DHPs are payments to help people with their housing costs, such as the shortfall between their rent and Housing Benefit/Universal Credit housing costs, rent arrears, or a bond/rent in advance needed to move home. We cannot help with some parts of your rent, for instance if meals, heating, lighting, hot water or water rates are included.

Who can claim?

You must be entitled to Housing Benefit from Wyre Council or the housing costs element of Universal Credit and living in the Wyre area.

The DHP fund is cash-limited. This means we only have a limited amount of money. Once the fund has been used further DHPs cannot be awarded.

How to apply

To help us decide whether you should get more help please complete this form with as much information as you can.

If you need help completing the form please ring 01253 891000 to make an appointment. Please note that if a Benefits Advisor helps you complete this form it does not guarantee that you will be successful in your application.

If you have a myWyre account you can track the progress of this form.

Applications must be submitted before accepting a new tenancy. Do not move before a decision is made.