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Activity enrolment responsibilities and medical declaration

At Wyre Council we want to ensure that participants in our sports and wellbeing activities receive the best and safest service possible.

Participant responsibilities

For most people physical activity should not pose a problem to their health, and the benefits of becoming physically active outweigh the risks. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that there are no medical reasons why they should not embark upon any physical activity programme. Safety is extremely important and it is advisable to seek medical advice before becoming physically active if you have or had any of the following:

  • heart condition/angina, stroke, epilepsy, diabetes or high blood pressure
  • any other medical condition that may affect your ability to take part in physical activity
  • you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant or have given birth in the last six weeks

If you are prescribed any medications to help manage medical conditions, you must carry these with you to be able to participate in Wyre Council run activities. We recommend you work at your own pace. Stop if at any time you feel uncomfortable or unwell and let the activity staff know immediately. Listen to your body and keep hydrated.

Wyre Council will support participants to increase their physical activity - but the responsibility for doing so safely lies with the participant. By booking on our activities you are agreeing to: 

  • read and understand this medical declaration and follow the advice of your GP or other healthcare professional as recommended in this medical declaration, seeking their advice if in doubt or if you have had any of the above conditions
  • understand that any details you provide to our activity leaders may be shared with Wyre Council staff to promote your safety when exercising, and paramedics in case of an emergency
  • voluntarily participate in an activity and accept responsibility for your own health, and exercise at your own risk

Wyre Council only uses the information supplied for the administration of the activity in question and for future marketing if indicated above. Please see our privacy policy for further information. 

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