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Fleetwood seafront consultation proposals

The story so far

The Fleetwood seafront masterplan was developed back in 2009. This plan set out a long-term programme of rejuvenation. Progress has been made to refresh Fleetwood, including:

  • A successful Coastal Community Fund bid enabled the development of beach bungalows, a splash pad, skate park and the YMCA Leisure Centre café.
  • Coastal Revival funding enabled the restoration of the Marine Hall dome.

Since then, the council has successfully secured significant funding to carry out projects around the town: 

  • The Mount Pavilion and gardens have been restored to their original glory 
  • The Grade II listed Memorial Park underwent extensive renovation to restore its historic features
  • Fleetwood’s high street became a Heritage Action Zone enabling important local buildings to be conserved                            
  • Significant improvement work has been carried out at Fleetwood Market to secure its future as a key attraction in Wyre
  • A new modern commercial food processing facility has been built at Fleetwood Docks
  • 11,000 properties are being protected from flooding through the Wyre Beach Management Project
  • UK Shared Prosperity Funding has also been earmarked for Fleetwood projects to drive economic development and increase the quality of life for people living in the town.

We want to ensure that Fleetwood is in a good position to bid for future government funding. You can read more details our Cabinet Report. This consultation will allow us to have a regeneration proposal ready for any future funding that becomes available. Below are a number of themed ideas which could be used to put future bids together. We welcome your feedback. Complete our consultation to let us know what you think, to make suggestions and let us know your priorities.

Family fun

We want to build upon the Fleetwood Seafront Masterplan to provide a more family-oriented visitor attraction. Ideas for how we can enhance the leisure centre and the space around it include: 

  • Soft play
  • Laser tag
  • Improved outdoor water play facilities 
  • Family friendly trails – building on existing trails such as the UK Coastal path, the Mythic Coast sculpture trail in Cleveleys and the Fleetwood Health and Wellbeing trail 
  • Beach huts – improve existing facilities and explore options for additional beach huts to increase use. 

A grand day out

We want Fleetwood to be an exciting and vibrant place to live and to visit. Marine Hall, the Leisure Centre and the surrounding waterfront areas have the potential to deliver a wide range of new and exciting activities to complement the current visitor experience.

Ways we could improve our offer and create an itinerary for visitors to Fleetwood include:

  • Improve accessibility and walking/cycling connections
  • Create better signage to highlight all Esplanade attractions and make them easily recognisable as places to visit
  • A new restaurant at Marine Hall to create a seafront dining experience
  • Improve the town’s strong art and heritage offer by creating exhibition space at Marine Hall
  • Use art installations to create Instagram photo opportunities
  • Grow existing events such as the annual food festival and introduce new festivals and events
  • Improve the wedding offer with a tailored space for different sized weddings
  • Use the Marine Gardens more for community events

Sports and leisure

The existing Leisure Centre is much loved by the local community and is a vital asset for improving health and wellbeing. The surrounding natural spaces provide further opportunities for people to walk and cycle, or just to come and relax.

Ideas to improve the existing health and wellbeing offer include:

  • Upgrade and maintain swimming pools
  • Upgrade or provide sports facilities for underserved age groups such as a 3G pitch and Multipurpose Games Area
  • Outdoor green spaces - assess potential alternative use of underused bowling greens, provide enhanced landscaping, seating and play area and open up easier access to the beach if possible
  • Outdoor water sports - review the potential for an enhanced water sports offer and provide support spaces for activities which could be provided along the beach
  • Introduce new activities to the centre such as climbing

A strong local and visitor economy

Building on its seaside past, Wyre became a great place for enterprises to grow, especially in the 20th century. A handful of big-name businesses got their start in Fleetwood and the surrounding area, and we would like to cultivate the area’s new and growing businesses.

Ideas that could be introduced include:

  • Retail space
  • Small workshop/maker-spaces
  • Cycle/sports shop
  • Flexible office space
  • Bookable community rooms for meetings, education or training
  • Conference facilities with a catering offer

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