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Trees in conservation areas

The Conservation Area designation automatically confers blanket protection to every tree within its parameters. A tree in this instance is defined as anything with a stem diameter above 75mm when measured at 1.5 metres. This does not apply to hedges in Conservation Areas.

A person wishing to carry out work to a tree (as defined above) that falls in a Conservation Area must send the local planning authority a notice of their intention to do so. This is referred to as a Section 211 Notice, and its purpose is to allow the LPA six weeks in which to evaluate the tree and respond, if necessary, with a TPO to prevent the work or control the extent of the work proposed.

Section 211 Notices can be issued by completing an application form online via the Planning Portal.

If you have issued the council with a Section 211 Notice you should not carry out tree work until either you have received confirmation of acceptance of the notice, or the six-week period has elapsed.

Is a tree in a conservation area?

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