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Tree preservation orders

Exemptions to abate hazard

Private householders may cite exemptions to the TPO under those stated at section 198 (6) (b) of the TCPA 1990. If you have a tree on your property that has recently been given a Tree Preservation Order, you will find these listed at paragraph 5 of the Tree Preservation Order legal document.

If your tree is diseased, dying or dangerous you can notify the tree officer using a five day notice of your intention to remedy the hazard by pruning or felling. The tree officer will usually attend to confirm this and accept the notice if appropriate. When a tree is felled using this exemption there is an automatic replacement condition and the replacement tree effectively inherits the modified TPO.

Deadwood can be removed from the tree without application under the TPO. You are advised to record the deadwood beforehand and must not take living tissue from the tree.

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