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Rented housing safety

Electrical safety

All tenancies in private rented sector are required to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).


Following the inspection and testing the landlord must obtain a report from the person conducting that inspection which gives the results of the inspection and the date of the next inspection; and

  • supply a copy of that report to each existing tenant of the house within 28 days of the inspection
  • supply a copy of that report to the council within seven days of receiving a request in writing for it from that authority
  • retain a copy of that report until the next inspection and supply a copy to the person carrying out the next inspection
  • supply a copy of the most recent report to any new tenant of the house before that tenant occupies that house and any prospective tenant within 28 days of receiving a request in writing for it from that prospective tenant

Remedial work

If the report indicates that the house requires remedial work to the electrics, the landlord must ensure that recommended investigated or remedial work detailed on the report is carried out by a qualified person. This work must be carried out within 28 days or within the period specified in the report if sooner – starting from the date of the inspection.

The landlord must then obtain written confirmation from the qualified person that this work has been carried out and the electrical safety standards have been met. This confirmation must then be supplied to the tenant and local authorities, along with a copy of the original report within 28 days.

Enforcement action

If the landlord fails to undertake an EICR or carry out remedial work detailed in the report, the council must serve a Remedial Notice within 21 days of determining the failings. The landlord must comply with the notice within 28 days.

If the landlord fails to comply with the remedial notice the council can serve a further notice to carry out the work in default if permission is given by the tenant.

Recovery of costs

The council can recover the costs of the remedial action from the landlord.

Urgent remedial costs

If the report states that there are urgent repairs required to the electrics and the private landlord has failed to undertake the repairs, the Council can undertake the work in default with the permission of the tenant at any time. A notice must be served on the landlord and occupiers within 7 days of the work in default commencing.

Financial penalties

Where the council are satisfied, beyond reasonable doubt, that a private landlord has breached these regulations they may impose a financial penalty (or more than one penalty in the event of a continuing failure) in respect of the breach. The financial penalty is a maximum of £30,000.

Houses with existing EICR

If a rented house has a valid EICR when the new regulations came into force on 1 April 2020, you will not need to carry out a new one until the report expires.

HMO licensing

These regulations add the following mandatory conditions to HMO licences:

  • to ensure that every electrical installation in the house is in proper working order and safe for continued use; and
  • to supply the authority, on demand, with a declaration by him as to the safety of such installations
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