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Local Authority Building Control (LABC)

LABC service

  • We believe in sound working relationships based on understanding and support with all our customers. We are non-bureaucratic, flexible and professional
  • We are committed to maintaining the highest standards and ensuring that the built environment in which we live work and play is safe and healthy for all
  • We positively encourage pre-application advice to help your project run smoothly
  • There is no time delay. Work can start immediately once an application is submitted. Drawings are not always necessary. Please contact us to discuss further
  • We will work with you to achieve quality construction that meets the building standards. Whether you are an architect, builder or householder carrying out DIY, you can rely on us
  • We give high value for money and achieve high standards whilst still being impartial
  • As a local authority we are publicly accountable, transparent and a not for profit organisation. Our fees are published and there are no hidden extras
  • We do not operate a risk based service like many alternative providers, we inspect to protect you
  • We will work with other representatives of the local authority and associated agencies to assist your project as necessary
  • We have a vast archive of local knowledge of sites in our district and can utilise this to offer knowledge based pre-application advice
  • We are locally based so we are able to respond very quickly to on site construction needs if required
  • We are no more than 30 minutes from your site
  • We can offer flexible payment terms
  • We accept applications and payment electronically so saving you time and money
  • We have professionally qualified staff with considerable local knowledge
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