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Parish and town councils

What are parish councils?

There are 21 parish and town councils within the borough of Wyre. The majority of the borough is parished except for the urban areas of Thornton Cleveleys and Poulton-le-Fylde.

The parish or town council is a small local authority. Its councillors are elected for four years at a time in the same way as for other councils. The number of councillors elected to serve on the parish or town council varies from council to council.

Parish and town councils have the powers to undertake a wide range of services. The most common are the maintenance of village halls or community centres, parks or open spaces such as village greens, and footpaths. They also have a right to be consulted on planning applications in their areas.

By their very nature, parish and town councils should maintain a close relationship with the local community. They should encourage the public to attend council meetings as observers and they are obliged to organise at least one town or parish meeting each year which all local electors may attend and may raise issues of local concern.

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