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Wyre Council launch new audio ballot papers at all polling stations for the General Election

Audio ballot papers are being introduced to all Wyre polling stations administering the Blackpool North and Fleetwood parliamentary constituency for the general election Thursday 4 July.

The new option will help support people with sight issues by allowing them to hear an audio version of all candidates and parties on the ballot paper and adds to the tactile voting devices, large magnifiers and large print ballot papers that the Council already have in place to assist voters. 

People will be able to scan a QR code, with help from staff on site, which takes the voter to a bespoke audio description of all candidates and parties for that polling station. That will then help them to fill in a standard ballot paper.

The elections take place on Thursday 4 July with the results announced on Friday 5 July.

Rebecca Huddleston, Chief Executive and Returning Officer, said:

“We want to empower as many people as possible to vote and ensure they are able to do this without difficulty. We have embraced available technology and set up a QR code that will be trialled in all polling stations in our constituency for the General Election.


This new audio feature will support people when completing the ballot paper and takes our accessibility to a new level to ensure the polling stations and voting system are as accessible as they can be.”

People need to bring ID if they want to vote at a polling station, which includes a driving licence or passport. Visit the Electoral Commission website for a full list of acceptable forms of ID.

For more information visit Wyre Council elections section.

Published: 27th June 2024

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