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Report an odour

Wyre Council are aware of the odour from the landfill site at Jameson Road, Fleetwood and fully appreciate the severity of the issue for all those effected.

We assure you that we continue to work diligently with the Environment Agency to investigate these concerns.

The Environment Agency are the lead regulator of the Jameson Road landfill site and permit the site under the Environmental Permitting (England & Wales) Regulations.

They are currently working with the site operator to ensure that they are responsibly managing the Jameson Road site and complying with the permit conditions, which are designed to minimise odour generation and release.

For more information and regular updates from the Environment Agency on the matter we encourage you to visit - EA - Information on Jameson Road Landfill Site, Fleetwood

As lead regulator, we strongly recommend anyone affected by the site operations to register a complaint on the Environment Agency’s complaint hotline – Telephone: 0800 80 70 60.

You can also use the following link to report the odour online Report an odour - Wyre Council.

By registering your details with the council you can assist in providing evidence to support the ongoing investigation.

We thank you for assisting the council in our ongoing investigation and reassure residents we are working closely with the lead regulator to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Published: 9th March 2024

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