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Information for dog walkers on beaches from 1 May

Dog on Cleveleys beach

There are lots of places in Wyre where you can exercise with your dog and we love welcoming your pooches to our great outdoors!

But from 1 May, dogs won't be allowed on Cleveleys beach between Cafe Cove and the Wyre/Blackpool boundary. They will also not be allowed on Fleetwood beach from the east side, of the slipway opposite to the end of Promenade Road eastwards to the west side of the site of the former Fleetwood pier.

There are signs and flags to help you identify where the banned areas are.

This is from 1 May - 30 September.

This does not include the promenade, dogs are still allowed to exercise on the prom but must be on a lead.

We welcome dogs to our great outdoors and love to see them having a great time, but this ban on the beaches keeps our award winning beaching waters clean during the summer.

Find out more on the seasonal dog ban in Wyre, as well as other public space protection orders.

Published: 20th April 2022