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Neighbourhood plans

Neighbourhood planning gives town and parish councils or newly formed neighbourhood forums the opportunity to consult with the community and plan to shape the future of the places where they live and work. Neighbourhood planning allows communities to set planning policies through a neighbourhood development plan, or grant planning permission through a neighbourhood development order. A neighbourhood plan cannot be used to prevent development. 

At the start of the neighbourhood planning process, the area which the community intend to produce a plan for has to be formally agreed. This is undertaken by an application to the local planning authority. 

 An emerging plan must undergo a number of stages prior to adoption:

  • Public consultation
  • Examination
  • Referendum 
  • Adoption by the council (dependent on the referendum outcome). 

The adopted neighbourhood plan would then form part of the authority’s development plan, meaning it will be a material consideration in determining planning applications, and can be used to direct development.  

Emerging neighbourhood plans

Wyre Council as the local planning authority has received the following neighbourhood area applications:

Advice and support

There are various sources of advice and support to assist  the neighbourhood planning process:

 Financial Support

The government has made up to £9,000 in grant support available  for each community preparing a neighbourhood plan. For more complex plans or those that are allocating development sites, additional professional and financial support (up to a further £6,000) is available. Information on how to apply is available here.

Contact us

If you are interested in preparing a neighbourhood plan, or wish to get involved in an existing plan, the council can offer advice and assistance. Please contact us on:, telephone: 01253 887235