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Zoo licence

Applying for a licence

To qualify for a licence the zoo must:

  • help educate people about biodiversity
  • be suitable for the types of animals being kept
  • have a high standard of animal care
  • do as much as possible to stop any animals escaping
  • stop pests and vermin getting into the zoo

It must also do at least one of the following:

  • conservation research or training
  • sharing conservation information
  • captive animal breeding
  • helping repopulate or reintroduce species into the wild

And the zoo wouldn’t adversely affect:

  • the health and safety of local people
  • local law and order
  • the animals’ well-being

At least two months before making an application for a new licence, the applicant must give notice in writing, including an email to Wyre Council of their intention to make the application. The notice must identify:

  • the zoo's location
  • the types of animals and approximate number of each group kept for exhibition and the arrangements for their accommodation, maintenance and wellbeing
  • the approximate numbers and categories of staff to be employed in the zoo
  • the approximate number of visitors and motor vehicles expected to visit the site
  • the approximate number and position of access to be provided to the premises
  • how required conservation measures will be implemented at the zoo

The applicant must also publish notice of that intention in one local newspaper and one national newspaper and exhibit a copy of that notice. The notice must identify the location of the zoo, and state that the application notice to the local authority is available to be inspected at the local authority offices.