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Scrap metal dealer licence

Applying for a scrap metal dealer licence

Important update: The rules around applying for a scrap metal dealer licence are changing from 4 April 2022. You must read and comply with the new requirements if making an application on or after this date.

Licences are issued to successful applicants for three years, subject to payment of the appropriate fee. Please see the fees and charges page for the current amount

A site licence will allow you to operate from a site(s) within Wyre and collect any scrap relevant to that site. Each site must have a nominated manager.

A collector's licence will allow you to collect scrap door to door without an appointment within the Wyre area only. You will need to apply for a collector's licence from each authority you wish to operate in. You must notify the licensing department each time you change your collecting vehicle, as valid licence plates must be visible on a collector's vehicle. 

Apply for a scrap metal dealer licence

If you would like a paper copy of this application form, please contact the Licensing department.