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Problems paying your mortgage?

If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage.

The National Homeless Advice Service (NHAS) provide you with detailed advice about what to do.

Contact your mortgage lender straight away. There are various ways in which they may be able to help.

They may:

  • Reduce your monthly payments for a certain period.
  • Cut the charges they make for you being in debt with your mortgage
  • Extend the time of your loan (this reduces the amount of your monthly payments over a longer period, and so paying more for your home)
  • Spread repayment of the total amount you owe (inducing debts over the remainingperiod of your mortgage)
  • Put off part of your repayment, allowing you to make interest only payments (only if you have a repayment mortgage)
  • Offer you a better loan rate and; Allow you time to sell your home, if that's what you want.

Think very carefully about this because you need somewhere to live and you may not get help from the council if we consider that you have made yourself 'intentionally homeless'.

  • Any changes to your mortgage can lead to penalties or charges which may cost you more to repay in the long term.
  • Seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau or Shelter if you are having difficulty paying your mortgage. You may be entitled to other benefits. Alternatively an appointment with a debt advisor may help you to come up with ways to manage your debts.
  • Seek legal advice - many solicitors offer free advice for the first hour. It is essential that you attend any court hearings and respond to all correspondence.
  • Contact the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) - to see if you may qualify for any financial assitance towards paying your mortgage
  • Avoid signing up to Buy and Rent Back Schemes that seem too good to be true- they probably are.

Other help you might be entitled to

  • If you are having difficulty managing your home, sorting out your benefits and bills, there may be a service that could help you. Older or disabled persons can get free advice and assistance with repairs, improvements and adaptations to their home from Care and Repair.
  • Contact Lancashire Social Care for an assessment of your needs if you think you need help with personal care or a disabled adaptation.
  • Apply for Telecare for a range of equipment and a 24 hour, year round, emergency call centre. They offer a visiting response service to give you peace of mind knowing that if you fall or have an emergency, someone is  available to help.
  • If you are experiencing domestic abuse contact Fylde Coast Women's Aid or contact the Police. There are a number of things that can be done to help, including support to access a place of safety, or emotional and tenancy support. Alternatively, you may benefit from a sanctuary scheme - additional security measures to help you remain in your home and feel safer.

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