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Existing drivers information

Licensing officers are available to speak to without an appointment Monday to Friday, between 9am and 1pm. If you have an urgent enquiry outside these times please email

The council will only issue dual driver licences to applicants who are fit and proper to hold such a licence.

Licences are normally issued for three years, although the council may issue a shorter licence where it is appropriate to do so. All driver licences are issued subject to the council's standard conditions which can be found in the licensing policy

Dual badges

Wyre dual driver licences entitle the holder to drive both hackney carriage and private hire vehicles that are licensed by Wyre Council. However the driver must adhere to all the conditions and restrictions for the type of licensed vehicle that they are driving.

When working in a private hire vehicle, drivers may only accept fares that have been pre-booked through a Wyre licensed operator and may not use taxi ranks, bus lanes or be flagged down in the street by a member of the public.

Failure to adhere to these rules, may result in legal action and the driver would also risk having their licence revoked or suspended. 

Licensed drivers must wear their badge where it is clearly visible, so that their passengers can be assured that their driver is licensed by Wyre and has undergone all the necessary checks.

Receiving a conviction or caution when you are licensed

If you receive a conviction, caution or motoring endorsement when you are licensed, you must inform the licensing office within seven days. This reporting period is reduced to 72 hours, for drivers who have been issued licences after 1 April 2018.

If you receive a driving ban, you must inform the licensing unit in writing and return your badge and paper licence immediately.

Group two medical assessments

Licensed drivers must be medically fit to drive and meet the DVLA group two standard. 

Drivers must provide a certificate of fitness from their GP every time they renew their licence.

On reaching their 65 birthday, drivers are required to submit an annual certificate of fitness and will only be eligible for a one year licence. 

Drivers who also have G2 entitlement such as a PSV/HGV, may provide that medical report to prove their fitness to drive. 

Licensed drivers must inform the licensing unit within seven days, of any deterioration in their health, or any injury, that may affect their ability to drive or to meet the group two standard. 

Change of name or address

Licensed drivers must inform the licensing unit within seven days if they change their name or address.

Renewal of badges

Wyre sends reminders to all licensed drivers around two months before their badge is due to expire. Drivers who allow their badge to lapse by more than one month, will be treated as a new driver on re-application and have to resit the knowledge test and produce a new medical.

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