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Council tax hardship scheme

For those in need of assistance with paying their council tax, a hardship scheme is available.

Apply for council tax hardship scheme

Please complete the below form to apply for the hardship scheme. Once completed please send the application form to We will consider your request and may contact you for further information.


The key principles of the scheme are as follows:

  • Only persons in receipt of full council tax support (and therefore liable to pay 8.5% of the full council tax liability) may apply for hardship relief;
  • The provision of relief is only intended as short term assistance;
  • No award of relief will exceed six months; within that period, those entitled to relief under the scheme will be expected to make an attempt to improve their financial circumstances so that they are able to pay their council tax;
  • Whilst there will be no limit on the number of applications for hardship relief, where an entitlement to relief has expired, no application will be accepted within the following six months;
  • Backdated claims for hardship relief will not be permitted;
  • The amount of hardship relief will depend on an individuals circumstances but will not exceed 100% of the net council tax liability after any exemptions or discounts;
  • Any relief awarded will be treated as a discount on the council tax payable;
  • No money will be given to claimants.

Exceptional hardship scheme

Wyre Council also operates an exceptional hardship scheme outside of the council tax hardship scheme. Details are available upon request. Please contact us for further information.

What to do if your not happy with our decision

If you would like us to look at our decision again, you must do this in writing stating your reasons why you want us to do this. Your request must be received within one calendar month of the date of our decision notice to you. An officer who was not involved with the original decision will consider your request. We will write to you to let you know our decision within one calendar month. If our decision remains unchanged you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal for England .   

Further information

Contact us

For further information and advice about the council tax hardship scheme please contact us:

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