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Report a change in circumstance

Your housing benefit and council tax support entitlement is based on the information you give us when you complete your application form. If your circumstances change, your entitlement may change too. You must tell us immediately if your circumstances change in any way.

Please complete the below form to report a change in circumstances

Report a change in circumstances 

Alternatively make an appointment to speak to an officer on 01253 891000.

 Examples of the changes you must tell us about

You should tell us about the following changes, and provide the evidence described:

  • You or your partner moves address - complete a change of address application form
  • Someone leaves or joins your household - include the date they moved and their new address
  • The birth of a child - original birth certificate, or evidence of child benefit received
  • Anyone in your household goes into hospital
  • You leave your home on a temporary basis - date you left and your expected date of return
  • You or your partner starts working or your pay changes - latest pay slips showing change in income
  • Your or your partner stop receiving income support/job seekers allowance - evidence of income and savings
  • Changes to any member of the household's income or benefits, for example:
    • changes to working tax credit
    • changes to child tax credit
    • changes to incapacity benefit
    • occupational or private pensions - letter from pensioner provider
    • You stop receiving child benefit for any of your children
  • Your rent changes - letter from your landlord
  • You change from one benefit to another 
  • You or someone in your household sells a property or land - solicitors letter confirming details of sale
  • If someone leaves you or anyone in your household money or assets - solicitors letter confirming this
  • Your capital increases to more than £6,000 or exceeds £16,000 - bank statements

You must tell us about changes as soon as possible. If you do not do this, you may lose out on benefit, or we may pay you too much and you will have to pay it back to us.

Changes to Pension Credit

If you or your partner are 60 or over, and receive the pension credit guarantee you only need to tell us about the following changes:  

  • Any changes in your tenancy or if you move address
  • Any changes affecting non-dependents in your household
  • Absences from home expected to exceed 13 weeks

All other changes must be notified to the pension service

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