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Local housing allowance

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is a flat rate allowance based on the rent levels for the area in which the person lives and how many people live with them. It is not based on the actual rent charged.

Prospective tenants will be able to shop around with their allowance. If the tenant finds a property they like with a rent that is more than their LHA then they will know how much extra they will have to pay.

The rate of LHA you will receive

The rate of LHA you will receive depends on a number of factors:

Payment of LHA

Under normal circumstances LHA will be paid directly to you, and not to your landlord. The council will pay the benefit into your bank account by electronic transfer. If you do not have a bank account the council will provide advice to help you open one.

Occasionally there may be exceptional circumstances which means it is not in your best interests to pay your benefit directly to you, but instead to pay your landlord. The circumstances under which the council may consider paying your landlord instead of you are detailed in the document below:

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