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Mobile advice centre and digital hub

Digital hub

The digital hub at Fleetwood Market is fully equipped for customers to fill in application forms or submit evidence themselves. The hub is supervised by trained staff who will be available to guide customers through the process. 

The digital hub is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9am to 4pm. Please use the Adelaide Street entrance. 

Please note: the hub is drop in only.

Mobile advice centre

Please note: The Mobile Advice Centre has been temporarily removed from service. Please visit the Digital Hub or use the website. Appointments are still available at the Civic Centre.

The Mobile Advice Centre (MAC) visits various locations throughout the borough on a regular basis, and is staffed by trained housing benefit and council tax advisors. They offer advice and assistance to new customers making a claim for housing benefit or council tax support, or to existing customers who are reporting a change in their circumstances.

Please note: that the mobile advice centre is by appointment only - Please call 01253 891000 to make an appointment

The MAC currently visits:

Mobile connectivity 

Both the MAC and the hub are equipped with the mobile connectivity to allow instant access to the Civic Centre from remote locations. This means that the advisors working on the MAC are able to process new claims for housing benefit and council tax support and changes in circumstance, while the customer waits. This dramatically increases the speed at which the council processes claims, thereby providing a much better service to the customer.

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