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Apply for building regulation approval

Building work: check the approval you need

In general, most building work needs formal approval but to check please read building work: check the approval you need before submitting an application.

If you are having construction or refurbishment work done, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) 

Application forms

Full plans application

Full plans applications apply to domestic or commercial works. A full plans application is where plans, detailed specifications, and if appropriate, structural calculations are submitted to the council. These are checked to make sure that they meet the regulation requirements and, if they do, formal approval is given. Please refer to the guidance notes for further information. 

Building notice application

This type of application does not involve the passing or rejection of plans and is intended to enable certain small works, such as bathroom installations, minor structural alterations, drainage works and underpinning to get under way quickly.
If the work is uncomplicated and you are happy that you or your builder has a reasonably good understanding of the regulations, then you can use a building notice form. You may start work 48 hours after your notice has been received by the local authority. Please refer to the guidance notes for further information. 

Retrospective regularisation application

If the work has already recently started or possibly even been completed without proper consent, then a retrospective application can be made using a regularisation form. You can even use this if the work was carried out by a former owner. Any work can potentially be regularised as long as it was carried out after the 11 November 1985. Please refer to the guidance notes for further information. 

Demolition notice application

A demolition notice is required where you intend to demolish any building or part of a building, unless it is due to a council demolition order, a part of an occupied building, a building less than 50 cubic metres, a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage, or, an agricultural building. At least six weeks notice is required. Please refer to the guidance notes for further information. 

Planning Portal

The planning portal. is a single location for both the general public and professional users to submit building regulation approval applications directly to any local authority. It enables you to create your own profile area where you'll be able to check the progress of your enquiries, upload plans and details all of which will be stored on their secure 'cloud'. We recommend you use the Planning portal if you submit enquiries regularly. If you aren't a regular user please use one of the above online application forms. 


To view a copy of our fee tables, please click on the link below. If you would like to speak to someone about the fees please contact us on 01253 887251.  

Once you have submitted your application we will contact you within five working days to discuss your application and take payment. 

Inspection of work

If you would like to book an inspection please contact us.

The stages of inspection will usually be agreed in advance and may include:

  • Commencement of work: this stage is usually used to agree which future stages of work should be inspected. There may be something unusual, or a matter which you are not sure about, which  can be discussed before the work gets too far.
  • Intermediate stages: different types of projects will require different inspections which might include foundations, the floor, damp proofing to walls and floors, the roof structure, any drainage, structural beams and openings, fire proofing and thermal insulation.
  • Completion: the main purpose of this stage is to make sure the work meets the various building regulations before it's occupied and put into use. When the surveyor is happy with the work they will issue you with a completion certificate, free of charge. This is an important document used by solicitors/personal search agents when you come to sell the property and by mortgage lenders and property insurers.

Once you have started there is no time limit on finishing a project. If we are contacted before 10am we will wherever possible inspect the same day to minimise dalays and costs to you.

Contact us

For further information and advice on applying for building regulation approval please contact us:

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