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Dealing with your Planning Application

How we deal with your planning application

Planning law requires that decisions on development proposals must be made in accordance with the provisions of the Development Plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise. The Development Plan comprises the Wyre Local Plan 2011-2031 and the Joint Lancashire Minerals and Waste Local Plan which cover the whole area of the Authority. Statements of Goverment policy will costitute a material consideration to which significant weight will be given.

We aim to decide applications, as far as possible, within the timescale set by the Government. In doing so we will take into account a proposal's effect on the environment and on the interests of the community. It may also mean balancing your needs against the effect the development might have on your neighbours and other people living nearby.

Your Application Documents

When you submit your application to us, it is important to make sure that it includes all the plans and information required to enable us to properly consider it.

If the required information is missing, we cannot make your application valid and it may be returned to you, with any fee paid to us being returned or refunded.

If you use an agent to submit an application for you we will send all relevant correspondence to them.

Will we acknowledge receipt of your application by post. Our letter will tell you (or your agent) who the case officer is and will provide contact details for that officer.

Your Case Officer

Your assigned case officer will always visit the application site before any decision or recommendation is made.

If we feel that your application needs to be amended to make it acceptable, the case officer will contact you (or your agent) to discuss the application or to request changes.

You will normally be given 14 days to return any necessary changes. If, after 14 days, we have not received any changes or agreed to give you more time, we may base our decision on your original application.

The officer dealing with your application will keep you up to date with its progress if you ask, and will tell you when the application is likely to be decided.

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