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Household Waste Recycling Centres

For bulky household waste, Lancashire County Council has to provide sites where residents can take such waste. These are called Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). Once on the site, wherever possible, rubbish is separated into different containers for recycling.

If you are able to transport bulky household waste yourself, the centres serving the Wyre area are:

*relates to "split level" which are easier for people with impaired mobility to use


Please note: Owners/drivers of vans or twin axled trailers need to obtain a permit from Lancashire County Council before using them to take household waste to a HWRC. In addition, from the 1 June 2015 permits will be required for inert waste and charges may be applied for larger amounts. For full details refer to Inert Waste, Lancashire County Council.

On Friday 18 Sepember 2015, Lancashire County Council opened a new community recycling facility in Garstang. For details of the types of waste it can accept and opening hours, please refer to Garstang Community Recycling Centre.

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