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Care and repair

Care and Repair provide help, advice, and support with repairs, maintenance, adaptations, and improvements to your home. The service is for homeowners aged over 65 or any adult aged over 18 with a disability living in Wyre.

After we have received your form, a caseworker will visit you in your home and help to advise on repairs, security, and prevention.

What we can help with

We help with repairs to properties. This includes:

  • help in recommending a contractor – we have contractor lists
  • overseeing work for a small charge
  • boiler repairs/replacement and servicing
  • referrals to a handyperson service

Other services we can help with include:

  • charity funding
  • filling out forms for Attendance Allowance, Personal independence Payment, DLA, and Carers Allowance
  • Advice and support with local authority grants
  • hospital discharges

Property care and adaptation service

Care and Repair has an experienced team who can offer advice, help, and support for homeowners. For a small charge, this includes repairs, home improvements, maintenance, and adaptations.

Please complete the care and repair form and one of the team with be in touch with you. 

Handyperson service

Our Handyperson service aims to keep you safe and secure in your home, preventing the risk of trips and falls. The service is for carrying out small repairs in your property, for a small fee.

This service includes:

  • replacing light bulbs
  • easing windows and doors
  • fitting smoke alarms and batteries
  • supplying and installing grab rails
  • fitting minor security measures
  • supplying and installing key safes
  • carrying out small maintenance jobs

Please note that you will need to pay a small charge for the Handyperson service in addition to the cost of any materials needed for the work. We also welcome donations to assist with the continuation of the service.

While we will do our best to react quickly, we cannot offer an emergency or out of hours service.

If the work you need cannot be done by our Handyperson service, we may be able to provide you with details of a reliable contractor who you can contact to provide a quotation.

Please complete the care and repair form and one of the team with be in touch with you. 

How to contact us

To ask for help with any of our services mentioned, please complete the online enquiry form:

Care and Repair enquiry form

Alternatively, you can contact Care and Repair direct by calling 01253 887569 or download and compete the client contact form and send it to the team in the post or via email to

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