The Wyre Council civic centre reception is CLOSED until further notice.

Lockwood surgery can still be accessed for patients with an appointment. Our contact centre can be called on 01253 891000 8.30am - 5pm

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Online forms: Cleaning your street and neighbourhood

If some litter or dog fouling needs removing from your street then you can report it here. You can also tell us if a litter/dog bin is full or damaged, if you have found any needles for us to collect, leaf fall that needs removing or report weeds on footpaths. 

You can use this form to report the following:

  • Request litter to be removed
  • Request your street to be cleaned
  • Report a full litter bin
  • Report a damaged litter bin
  • Report dog fouling
  • Report dead animals
  • Report leaf fall that needs removing
  • Report weeds on footpaths 
  • Report any found needles

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