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Passes to use open spaces for personal training and fitness activities

A pass is required if you intend to provide instruction or recreational fitness or health activities on Wyre Council land, this includes certain areas of the beach. The purpose of the pass is to ensure that open spaces are protected for all, whilst allowing visitors to our parks and open spaces to be able to engage in accessible wellbeing activities in a range of environments across Wyre. The pass ensures that organisers/trainers hold an appropriate qualification, are fully insured and have liability for the safety of the participants. A pass is required for all activities that are operated on a commercial basis.

Instruction or coaching may include:

  • personal training
  • physical fitness
  • martial arts
  • circuit training
  • use of the outdoor gym equipment, and
  • other similar activities that promote health and wellbeing

Passes and locations will be limited in any calendar year. The number of passes issued by the council will be determined by:

  • usage and demand in an area
  • the number of passes already approved in the area
  • possible conflicts with other users


To be eligible to apply for this pass a trainer must:

  1. be delivering sessions for those aged 18 and over only
  2. have a maximum of 12 participants in any one session
  3. hold sessions no longer than 60 minutes in duration
  4. hold a current Emergency first aid certificate, (ideally one day course)
  5. hold public liability insurance to a minimum of £5 million to cover the activity that the permit is required for
  6. provide evidence of professional qualifications to an appropriate level for the activity or equivalent and ideally registration with a relevant governing body
  7. provide a signed and dated risk assessment to cover the activity

Terms and conditions

  1. An initial pass will be valid for the six month trial and will authorise each organiser use of a specified location for fitness/ wellbeing activities in accordance with the terms of the pass
  2. Only the named applicant will be authorised to conduct the training sessions requested
  3. It is the responsibility of the trainer to reapply prior to the expiry date of their current pass
  4. Public liability insurance must remain valid for the duration of the pass. It is the responsibility of the trainer to ensure that renewed insurance certificates are sent to Wyre Council
  5. Public spaces are for all users to enjoy and trainers must respect other users of our open spaces. We cannot guarantee sole use of an area
  6. Trainers must not use amplified music
  7. We encourage use of our outdoor gym equipment please ensure it is used appropriately
  8. The pass holder must ensure that any rubbish is cleared from the site and the premises are left in the condition in which they were found
  9. Wyre Council accepts no liability for any activity related to an outdoor fitness training as part of this pass. The council does not warrant that any land is suitable for the activity proposed and that the applicant/trainer must satisfy themselves that the area/land they are applying for is suitable for their purposes
  10. The pass must be produced at the request of any Wyre Council Officer
  11. Wyre Council reserves the right to refuse any application and may request that a site used is changed during the year if necessary work is to be carried out at that location


Motorised sports are excluded from any permitted activities. 

A pass is not required for sports clubs with existing agreements with Wyre Council land or those working with young people under the age of 18 to develop youth sport.

No activity will be permitted within the following exclusion zones:

  • coastal sand dunes
  • the promenade
  • areas of SSSI
  • playgrounds and playground equipment
  • any area directly adjacent to a residential property
  • areas identified for team sports on certain sites
  • any activity before 7am or after 8pm

Compliance with regulations

Failure for the pass holder to comply with any or all of the foregoing regulations may be deemed by the Corporate Director - Communities to be just cause for immediate cancellation of any use.

Wyre Council reserves the right to withdraw a pass due to any breach of these conditions or misconduct by participants. Wyre Council reserves the right to change the land available for conducting activities under this pass.

Apply for a fitness pass

Further information and enquiries

Active Lives and Community Engagement Team

Wyre Council, Civic Centre, Breck Rd, Poulton le Fylde, FY6 7PU



Coronavirus remains a threat. All pass holders must ensure that they comply with the most recent guidance when carrying out an activity on Wyre Council land. Follow government guidance on staying safe and preventing the spread of infection. Your own governing body or may also have further advice for operating safely.