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Neutering your dog

Neutering is the process by which dogs are surgically prevented from reproducing.

Accidental or indiscriminate breeding adds greatly to the stray and abandoned dog population. It is wise to get your dog (both male and female) neutered as soon as they are old enough.

Have a word with your veterinary practice about the best age to get your pet neutered. The nurses and reception staff will be more than pleased to give you all the information you need.

Despite many myths and old wives tales, veterinary experts confirm that:

  • neutering does not make your dog fat. Your dog's ability to utilise the food it is getting improves, therefore it is only necessary to feed a smaller amount
  • having at least one litter does not do the bitch 'good'
  • neutering does not change the dog's personality. In fact it can help stop unwanted behaviours such as territory marking, seeking out a mate, destructiveness and some aggressive behaviours
  • in females, neutering reduces the risk of womb infections and false pregnancies in older females
  • it prevents unwanted and accidental pregnancies
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