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Dog microchipping

When to get it done

Any dog over eight weeks old, which is not a certified working dog, will have to be microchipped. The details of the dog's keeper must be registered on a suitable approved database so that an authorised person may obtain these details. In most cases the keeper is defined as the person with whom the dog normally lives.

A ogs ownership may not be transferred unless the dog is already microchipped. Unless the previous keeper has already done so, the new keeper must register their details with an approved database. Microchips, once implanted, will stay with the dog for life so you never have to worry about renewing it.

If you are a breeder you are still responsible for getting dogs microchipped if the dog is older than eight weeks. If you’re adopting your dog from a registered and professional breeder, the dog will already be microchipped with the breeder’s details attached. Once you take ownership and responsibility of the dog, it’s important that you update the dogs record with your details.

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