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About Wyre's allotments

The allotment waiting list is now closed.

Allotment policy

  1. Only residents of Wyre are eligible for an allotment plot
  2. Only one plot per Wyre resident is permitted
  3. Joint tenancies for spouses only
  4. Once allocated, a plot cannot be transferred to anyone else including family or friends
  5. If a plot is offered and declined, or the applicant does not respond to the offer in the allocated time given, the applicant will be removed from the waiting list. They can reapply, but will be entered at the bottom of the list (if the waiting list is open at that time)
  6. Regular inspections will be undertaken and if a plot does not meet the satisfaction of the landlord then the contract may be terminated
  7. The maintenance of the land at the site including any pathways, boundaries or communal areas is the responsibility of the tenants
  8. Keys will be issued to the tenant once the legal agreement is completed and fees paid. Replacement keys will be provided subject to a fee
  9. Any issues which may arise at the site should be reported to the Estates Department immediately
  10. Wyre Council will not be liable for any loss arising from the tenant’s use of the site, including personal belongings
  11. The waiting list is currently closed due to the high number of people waiting for plots; this will be reviewed every six months and reopened when the number on the list reaches a manageable level
  12. The council will periodically write to applicants on the waiting list to determine if they are still interested in an allotment plot and remove those who are no longer interested or who do not respond in the given time
  13. The council will regularly review its allotment provision
  14. When large plots become available, if deemed practicable, they will be split to create more plots to allow more residents to benefit from them