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Branded gift cards; all lottery related products; PayPoint products and services; Stage 1 infant and formula milk; Tobacco and related products; Postage stamps; All in store concessions; Petrol and Diesel; Mobile phone top ups; Online delivery charges; Travel Money

Shop online?

Yes via Sainsbury's website but you can only redeem up to £50 of a gift card in a single transaction

Checking balance

If your physical gift card has a QR code on the back of the card, you can scan this QR code with a smartphone device and follow the link provided to confirm your current card balance and expiry date of your card.

You can check the balance of a gift card or e-gift card via the automated phone line on 0800 636262. You will need the 19 digit card number and PIN for this process.

You can ask in store for a colleague to complete a balance check. Note, you will be provided with a receipt after each transaction to confirm the balance.

Valid from

2 years from issuance

Getting help

Calling 0800 63626

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