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Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Wyre

Listed buildings

Listed buildings or structures that are considered to have special architectural, cultural or historical significance. Any works to a listed building that affects its architectural or historic character (including alteration, extension or demolition) requires consent from the council as the relevant planning authority.

The listed status also means that the owner of a listed building has a statutory duty to maintain and repair it. Buildings constitute the majority of listed structures, but the listing also includes some statues, monuments and even milestones/mileposts.

As of February 2023, 307 listings of listed buildings in Wyre were identified by Historic England. Of these, 2 were Grade I, 298 were Grade II and 7 were Grade II*. Please note, some listings include more than one listed building, for example a terraced street with individual listed buildings is included as one listing. Please also note that these figures are subject to change as more buildings are added to the list. For the latest information follow the above Historic England website link.

Scheduled monuments

Scheduled monuments are structures of special historic interest or significance, and range from earthworks to ruins to buried remains. 

There are eight scheduled monuments in Wyre - three near Bleasdale within the Forest of Bowland, two in Garstang, one near Catterall, one at Great Eccleston and one in Dolphinholme.

Wyre Council’s listed buildings and scheduled monuments, are shown on Lancashire County Council’s MARIO website (interactive map). Select listed buildings or scheduled monuments, under ‘Historic Information’ maps.

More detail regarding Wyre Council’s listed buildings and scheduled monuments is available on the Historic England website.

For any enquiries regarding conservation, please contact the planning  team at:

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