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Business rates discounts and reliefs

Small Business rate relief

Your business can claim Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR) if:

  • your properties rateable value (RV) is less than £15,000, and
  • your business only uses one property 

Your business may still be able to claim SBRR even if you use more than one property if:

  • the RV's of any additional properties are less than £2,899, and
  • the combined RV of all the properties is under £20,000.  

If, after taking into consideration all of the properties used by your business, you still qualify for SBRR, the relief will be granted against the property with the highest RV

If, after being awarded SBRR, your business subsequently takes up occupation of an additional property that means you are no longer entitled to claim SBRR, you will continue to receive the relief for a further 12 months.

The amount of SBRR your business receives will depend on the RV of the property

RV Discount awarded
£12,000 and under 100%
£12,500 83%
£13,000 67%
£13,500 50%
£14,000 33%
£14,500 17%
£15,000 and above 0%

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