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Apply for building regulation approval

Full plans application

Commercial work 

Always complete this form and attach all plans, detailed specifications and structural calculations (if appropriate). A full plans application will apply to all commercial works and areas of work that are subject to the Fire Safety Order. This can include common parts of apartment buildings and both common and shared parts of houses in multiple occupation.

Domestic work 

If you wish for your construction plans to be checked by Building Control, to ensure they meet building regulations, please complete this form and attach all plans, detailed specifications and structural calculations (if appropriate). If you do not require this check please complete the Building Notice Application Form

Please refer to the full plans guidance notes (pdf) for further information.

Full plans application form

New dwellings - change to regulations

Since 26 December 2022, it has been a requirement of the Building Regulations to submit details of the infrastructure and connectivity for electronic communications for all new dwellings. We will not be able to accept any Building Control applications without an attached connectivity plan.

Please view the Approved Document R Volume 1: Physical infrastructure and network connection for new dwellings pdf for more information on the requirements and a model connectivity plan.