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Grave owner information

If you have purchased the rights to bury within a grave space we would like to inform you of the following points: 

  • the cemetery land remains under the ownership of Wyre Council and we will continue to manage and maintain the area to a high standard
  • you will be issued with a grave deed for a 50 year term which you will need to store in a safe place until the grave is reopened
  • Wyre Council cemeteries are lawned cemeteries, making it easier to maintain a high standard at all times. It also ensures costs are kept to a minimum, therefore, we do not allow kerbings or railings, and memorabilia is restricted to 15" space directly in front of the memorial
  • you have the right to erect a memorial. We will send you a copy of the local registered and approved memorial masons for your information. They will advise you on size and inscriptions of all memorials and ensure the relevant applications are submitted. On ground where there is no concrete beam you may need to wait six months before a memorial can be erected. You remain responsible for the safe maintenance of the memorial. Relevant insurance can be obtained from the memorial masons against damage and vandalism
  • please note that following an interment the level of the top of the grave may drop during the first six months. This is due to pockets of air in the soil and not to any damage or deterioration of the coffin. The ground will be levelled and re-turfed as necessary
  • you will need to sign any documentation such as interment forms or memorial applications regarding this grave space. Should any of your details change please advise our office in order that the registers can be updated
  • should any family members wish to purchase/reserve plots nearby, please advise them to contact our office as soon as possible
  • the grave you have purchased the rights for could be for one/two/three persons depending on the ground conditions. Once full, the grave space could continue to be used for cremated remains
  • graves may be affected by burials in adjoining plots to allow access for the grave excavation. We will endeavour to return the grave to its original condition following the funeral service
  • we would advise you to include the burial grant within your written will with details as to who you wish the grave and burial rights to be passed to
  • the grave rights can be transferred to another family member
  • on appointment you have the right to inspect all relevant records
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