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Appealing a benefit decision

Once we've processed your new claim for Housing Benefit (HB), or after we've amended your claim because of a change in your circumstances, we will send you a decision letter.

Statement of Reasons

If you don't fully understand the decision letter you can ask for a more detailed written explanation called a Statement Of Reasons (SoR).

Request a Statement of Reasons

Request a re-consideration

If you dont agree with our decision you can ask us to reconsider it. You need to do this in writing giving the reason(s) why you disagree. 

Request a reconsideration

You must ask us for a SoR, and/or a reconsideration of our decision, within one month of the date of our original decision letter. If you don't, we might not be able to look at the decision again if you think it is wrong.

If you request a SoR, the one month time limit for disputing a decision will be frozen whilst we prepare it. Once the SoR is issued to you, the time limit will be unfrozen.

Your request for a reconsideration will be considered by an officer who did not make the original decision. They may ask you to provide further information to support your request.

If we find the original decision was wrong, we will change it and let you know what we have changed and why.

If we think the original decision was correct, we will write to you giving the reasons why. We will also notify you of your appeal rights.  


If you remain unhappy with our decision after we have re-considered it you can appeal. You have one month from the date of our letter advising you of the outcome of the reconsideration in which to do so, giving your reasons and providing any further evidence you may have to support it.  

Appeal a decision

The appeal must be sent to us. Once we receive it we will check our original decision again, taking into account any further evidence you may have provided.

If we still think our original decision was correct we will refer your appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal. The tribunal is impartial and independent, and will listen to both sides before making a decision.

The tribunal will only accept late appeals if there are special circumstances, such as serious illness or absence abroad, that prevented you from making the appeal at the correct time.

They will not accept appeals made 13 months or more after the date of the decision letter.   

They will also not accept your appeal if it is sent directly to them without first coming to us.

The tribunal will contact you directly regarding your appeal once they receive it from us.