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Active travel

Active travel is a government initiative focusing on getting more people walking, wheeling and cycling in Wyre.

Be it walking to school, cycling to work, or other everyday journeys to get from place to place – rather than solely for leisure or fitness – active travel can offer a convenient, accessible and affordable way to move more.

The programme kickstarted on Thursday 4th April with our launch event at Marine Hall Gardens.

Following on from this, there will be a huge range of activities for all age groups to get involved in. Whether you’re a regular cyclist or a novice whose bike has been collecting dust in the shed, we have a programme which can benefit you.

Project aims

A dad and 2 children on cycles in a wood.

Actively Moving Forward in Lancashire aims for 2028 to:

  • Double the number of cycling trips
  • Increase walking trips by 10%
  • Reduce physical inactivity levels to below national averages

At population level in Lancashire:

  • 268,000 adults in Lancashire cycling at least once a week
  • 873,000 adults walking at least once a week
  • 67,000 primary school aged children usually walking to school

Current Health Statistics in Wyre:

  • 29% of adults in Wyre have Obesity
  • Around 5300 people are living with coronary heart disease in Wyre Borough Council
  • Heart and Circulatory diseases kill more than 1 in 4 people in Wyre
  • Around 21,000 people in Wyre have been diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • Around 11% of adults smoke in Wyre Borough Council
  • 31% of adults in Wyre do not meet the physical activity recommendations

Statistics provided by the British Heart Foundation, Reviewed and updated Apr 2023.

The Active Travel programme can help reduce these statistics regarding heart and disease via increasing physical activity levels in all ages from primary school learn to ride sessions, adult health cycles, health recovery rides, learn to ride sessions, Wyre wheels disability sessions and more.

Active travel logo. The words 'Active travel' are surrounded by a stick man running, a stick man on a skateboard, and a stick man on a bike.
Close up of bike wheels.


Take part in our one of our walking and wheeling projects in Wyre

Close up of hands holing the handlebars of a bike.


Offer your time to assist with cycling activities in Wyre.

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