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Cabinet reshuffle to save money in Wyre

Published on Friday 4th February 2011

A vacant Cabinet post will be left unfilled at Wyre Borough Council, putting thousands of pounds back into the public purse.

The decision follows the resignation of Councillor Paul Moon as Street Scene portfolio holder earlier this week. His responsibilities for waste collection, street cleaning and animal welfare will now fall to Councillor Peter Murphy, who switches from the Performance portfolio.

But no replacement will be drafted into this empty post. Instead the remaining five Cabinet members will share responsibility for the likes of modernisation, improvement and community engagement.

As well as ensuring that performance becomes an important part of all council services, the latest move will also save on the special responsibility allowance which would otherwise be paid to the postholder. This currently stands at £8,040 a year and will be invested into additional street cleansing.

Council Leader Councillor Peter Gibson, said: "From the first moment we heard about cuts to our funding, the council pledged to provide more for less by looking at ways to make savings without cutting frontline services.

"This unexpected Cabinet reshuffle has given us another opportunity to do just that. As performance and improvement is something we want embedded into all our services, it make sense for that particular portfolio to be absorbed into the others."

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