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Published on Tuesday 22nd February 2011

Free theatre tickets available Thornton Little Theatre is giving away free tickets for a family show on Friday 25 February.

The Scarecrow is aimed at children aged five and above, telling the tale of a grumpy scarecrow and how he learns to live alongside the noisy crows in his field. It's part of AJTC's nationally acclaimed tour and includes puppets, music and plenty of audience participation.

Best of all Wyre Borough Council has 180 free tickets to give away to young people under the age of 26.

These are available on a first come, first served basis from the Thornton Little Theatre box office on 01253 858529.


2. Recycling bring site to be removed from Poulton

Recycling banks are to be removed from Poulton's Hardhorn car park following months of abuse.

General waste and non-recyclable materials are regularly deposited in the containers, which means they are rejected at the recycling plant and have to be disposed of as landfill.

Up to 20 bin bags of rubbish are also dumped in front of the banks on a near-daily basis.

Councillor Peter Murphy, Cabinet member with responsibility for waste, said: "This is a problem that is caused by an irresponsible few, but because it shows no sign of letting up, the council can no longer justify the resources needed to deal with it every day.

"Residents shouldn't be losing out because all the materials accepted at the recycling banks can be included in their normal refuse collection at home."

Additional facilities can be found at the Household Waste Recycling Centre on Jameson Road, Fleetwood.

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