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Community agreement reached on dog control issues in Wyre

Published on Thursday 3rd March 2011

Wyre Borough Council and interested community representatives have agreed that a balanced approach to dog fouling and dog control is required across the borough.

At a recent meeting of council representatives, relevant groups and community members, it was agreed that they are willing to work together to achieve a balanced approach for the benefit of all residents and visitors to the Borough of Wyre.

The consensus view is that there is a need for improved enforcement for dog fouling, as well as the introduction of effective dog management strategies that promote and encourage responsible dog ownership, whilst recognising the valuable contribution dogs make to people's lives and the community.

Eileen Frain, a representative from Cleveleys Park, commented: "Our priority has always been to promote responsible dog ownership and work to protect dog access within the borough. If we can work together on a suitable scheme which will help to achieve both these aims we are happy to do so."

Councillor Alan Marsh, the Fleetwood Town Council representative, said: "This was a very productive first meeting. Working together, we can now move forward to help rid the town of the scourge of dog fouling on our streets and green spaces."

This move was welcomed by Wyre Borough Council.

Councillor Peter Murphy, Wyre's Cabinet Member with responsibility for dog control, said: "I am delighted that, together, we will focus our efforts on developing a robust system supported by a high profile campaign to encourage responsible dog ownership across the borough.

"This will ultimately dramatically reduce the amount of dog fouling on the streets of Wyre which is undoubtedly our residents' top priority."

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