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A new look saves money in Wyre

Published on Tuesday 8th March 2011

A new identity is the latest money-saving measure from Wyre Council.

During the next few months a single logo will be rolled out across Wyre in place of the numerous sub-brands used to promote individual council departments.

As well as reinforcing the message that Wyre is moving forward as a united council, it will also mean an end to different sets of uniforms, signs and stationery, which are more expensive to order in smaller quantities.

Extra spending has been avoided by developing the new logo in-house and by introducing it gradually into the community as things need replacing.

Councillor Peter Gibson, Leader of Wyre Council, said: "We promised to find ways of saving money behind the scenes without cutting frontline services and our new logo is the latest way of delivering that promise.

"We can actually save printing costs by doing away with all our sub-branding. After all, the public doesn't really care whether it is Street Scene or Parks and Open Spaces doing the work, as long as the service is provided.

"A single brand will leave people in no doubt that it is Wyre Council providing that service, which we hope will lead to pride of place in all of our towns and villages.

"It also marks the start of a new direction for the council, where value for money and transforming services are key priorities."

The new logo retains the blue and green theme of the existing logo but is a much simpler design

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