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Care & Repair - An 'A' class service for Wyre and Fylde

Published on Tuesday 15th March 2011

It's official. Care & Repair (Wyre and Fylde) are providing a highly valued service

to their clients according to an independent Supporting People review which awarded it the highest score possible.

The nine-strong professional team scored a hat-trick of all 'As' for developing client based services, duty of care of clients and staff and the minimum services for a Home Improvement Agency, as part of the service they provide to older, vulnerable and disabled households in both boroughs.

In the glowing review, the team were praised for their experience, competency and excellent rapport with clients. It also highlighted that the service operates to standards set by quality frameworks with clients endorsing the service.

Care & Repair provides a not-for-profit service helping older and disabled people to live more independently in their homes by making them safer and securer.

It offers free help, advice and support on everything from minor repairs such as replacing light bulbs, fitting smoke alarms, door chains and handrails to major improvements such as disabled adaptations.

Skilled caseworkers carry out home visits, arrange estimates with reliable contractors, oversee the work being done and help with form-filling for grants, benefits and insurance claims.

And small jobs around the home can be carried out free of charge by the service's very own experienced Handyperson for the cost of the materials only.

Councillor Barry Birch, Wyre Cabinet Member with responsibility for Care & Repair, said: "Care & Repair provide a vital service to older and disabled people living in Wyre and Fylde which make up a considerable proportion of households in both boroughs.

"We are absolutely delighted, but not at all surprised, by the outstanding score which the team has achieved as it reflects the excellent service we offer to households in need of improving their home to enhance their quality of life.

"For many the service provides a friendly face to help with little jobs around the house and putting them in touch with reliable tradespeople for all types of work. For others, it provides a lifeline helping households to access financial assistance during these difficult times to enable them to live longer in their homes and keep their independence.

"Residents can be assured that they will receive a seamless service from their initial home visit to the work being finished to a high standard as highlighted in our many customers' testimonials."

For more information on Care and Repair please telephone 01253 887569 or visit www.wyrebc.gov.uk/Find/careandrepair

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