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Published on Monday 21st March 2011

Council tax bills for 2011/12 issued

Council tax bills have started to hit the letterboxes of approximately 49,800 households across Wyre.

The full bill has been frozen by Wyre Council, Lancashire County Council, Lancashire Police Authority and Fire and Rescue Service, but residents who live in an area with a town or parish council may see a rise or reduction on their annual parish precept (the amount the town or parish council has asked Wyre Borough Council to collect on its behalf).

On average, Wyre's share of the bill means residents living in an typical Band D property will pay less than £3.50 a week in return for over 120 local service provided by Wyre Council.

In total, residents living in a Band D property will pay just under £1,500 - an equivalent of £29 a week.

Residents can spread their payments by opting to pay by direct debit which is fast, flexible and free and costs the council less money to process.

To register for direct debit, advise of a change in circumstance which may affect the amount of council tax you pay, or find out more about discounts and benefits which you may be entitled to please contact 01253 891000, log on to http://www.wyrebc.gov.uk/ or visit the Benefit Mobile Advice Centre which regularly tours towns and villages.

Wyre Council is the official collecting agent for council tax and business rates in Wyre.


2. Census advice days

With less than a week to go before the 2011 Census, Wyre Council is urging all residents to complete the forms posted through their door.

Wyre relies on census population statistics to get the government funding needed to provide public services. How much money the borough gets is directly related to how many and what kind of people the census says live in our area.

So even if the census ended up just a few households short, it could make a very real difference to people's lives.

The form can be submitted online or by post as soon as possible after census day, 27 March. For those who need help completing the forms, Wyre Council staff can provide this between Monday 28 March and Friday 1 April at the Civic Centre in Poulton. No appointment needed.

Wyre libraries are also holding a number of completion events:

- Fleetwood, Tuesday 5 April, 10am to 3pm

- Garstang, Tuesday 12 April, 10am to 3pm

- Knott End, Thursday 14 April, 10am to 3pm

- Cleveleys, Friday 15 April, 10am to 3pm


3. Energy costs drop at Wyre Civic Centre

Almost £12,000 in savings have been made by Wyre Council as electricity use fell to a four-year low.

Energy saving measures have been introduced at the Civic Centre in Poulton including more efficient lighting and IT equipment, a rebalancing of the heating system and streamlining office printing. Staff have also tightened up on such basics as turning lights off when they are not needed.

As a result, electricity consumption has fallen by 17.7 per cent so far this financial year. A similar story has been revealed at the council-owned Marine Hall and Fleetwood Market, where electricity consumption has been reduced by 10.8 per cent and 3.6 per cent respectively.

At current prices that's a saving in excess of £11,800 for all three buildings compared to the same period last year.


4. Big Draw proves a big success

Artistic hands helped Wyre make it through to the final round of a national competition.

A Big Draw event was held at the Marine Hall in Fleetwood last October where families were invited to try out graffiti art and draw what they liked about the waterfront to help people see it in a new way.

The successful project has made it through to the final of the annual Drawing Inspiration Awards at the first time of asking and although organisers Wyre Council have just learned they won't be taking home the ultimate prize, judges have remarked on the "commitment, enthusiasm and ambition" evident in the submission.

The council now hopes to build on this success and is planning a bigger and better event for October based around this year's theme of Drawing Age, exploring why drawing is still important to us in 2011.

Big Draw is a programme of events that are part of the National Campaign for Drawing.


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