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Plans revealed for Wyre's new top boss

Published on Monday 16th May 2011

Savings of more than £70,000 per year could be made at Wyre Council when the Chief Executive is replaced later this year.

Top boss Donna Hall is leaving the Lancashire authority in August for a post at Wigan Council. Proposals for her successor include an internal appointment and a slimmer senior management team, which if agreed by the full council will save an extra £21,000 each year.

That's on top of the £50,000 annual savings that were made when Ms Hall took on the role through a shared arrangement with Chorley Council last November.

The plan is for a full time Chief Executive supported by two corporate directors, ideally recruited from among the existing three directors. This will be put to full council for a decision, preferably on 9 June. If approval is given, an appointment will be made as soon as possible.

Councillor Peter Gibson, Leader of the Council, said: "While we are disappointed to see Donna leave, I am confident that we will find her successor internally as we have a very strong team of managers.

"This would give us some continuity and allow us to create even further savings than we originally promised our Council Tax payers.

"Donna has started a journey to transform Wyre Council and its services and we intend to keep heading in that same direction."

The appointment will be made by committee, which includes a representative of the opposition party.

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