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Building Further Pride in Fleetwood

Published on Wednesday 29th June 2011

Fleetwood is getting a facelift next week as Wyre Council and Fleetwood Town Council kick start a campaign to restore pride to the town.

An action plan has been drawn up of public spaces, parks, streets and alleyways that need an extra blitz. Efforts will be concentrated on these areas throughout the week, with support from several other agencies and manpower from offenders under the Community Payback scheme.

Volunteers and officers will be out in force weeding, planting, litter picking, painting street furniture, removing rubbish and jet washing. A welcome cash contribution from the town council could also mean enhanced planting and replacement street furniture.

A poster campaign, where locals share their thoughts on what they love about Fleetwood, will run alongside.

It is hoped the focus on Fleetwood will show residents just how good the town can look and encourage them to take more pride in keeping their neighbourhoods clean and tidy.

Councillor Peter Gibson, Leader of Wyre Council, said: "Fleetwood has so much going for it and is home to people who genuinely love the place. What we need to do is get the pride back, get people to believe in the town again.

"As a council we are moving forward with tackling the problems and encouraging investment, but we can't do it alone. Residents need to play their part, not just by helping to keep the place clean, but also by contributing positive and achievable ideas on how to make things better."

Councillor Terry Rogers, who also represents Fleetwood Town Council, added: "I am delighted that both councils are able to work in partnership on this. Hopefully it will be the start of things to come.

"We're looking forward to getting started on the clean up and we will be encouraging as many local people as possible to get volunteer their time and get involved."

Activities planned include:

- smartening up of the pocket park on Lord Street by local schoolchildren, who will be encouraged to take ownership of the project

- landscape improvements at Euston Park

- clean-up behind Chatsworth Avenue and Larkholme shops

- site meetings with Lancashire County Council to address road repairs

- replacement of missing litter bins

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