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Fleetwood residents urged to support Rossall Seawall improvements

Published on Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Rossall Sea Wall

Fleetwood residents and business owners are being asked to pledge their support for a multi million pound sea defences improvement project.

Blackpool and Wyre Council’s plans for £80 Million investment in sea defences are moving forward.

The Shoreline Strategy Plans for Blackpool Council and Wyre Council have now been submitted. If they’re approved formal grant applications totalling £80m for two sea defence schemes will be submitted in February 2013 with a decision expected in May 2013. 

The Anchorsholme scheme running from Little Bispham to Kingsway would cost £24 Million and the Rossall scheme replacing defences from Rossall Hospital to Rossall Point estimated at £55 Million.

Blackpool and Wyre Councils are working in partnership to deliver the schemes that will protect more than 12,000 properties from the risk of flooding.

Councillor Roger Berry, Cabinet member with responsibility for sea defences at Wyre Council, said: “The elements aren’t confined by boundaries so we won’t be either.  Blackpool and Wyre share one coastline and a breach of the seawall at one end will quickly affect the other, so working together is the smart thing to do.

“There’s no doubt locally that both these projects are vital for the future protection of our seaside communities. A combined application should go a long way towards convincing the decision makers at national level.”

Cllr Gary Coleman, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said: “A huge amount of work has gone into planning these schemes, we hope it will enable us to access £24 Million to build new defences in Anchorsholme and also the £55m funding for the Rossall scheme for our neighbours. 

“We think we’ve put a really good case together and by working with Wyre Council we’ve shown how we can achieve value for money and complete the projects quicker by combining both authorities’ in-house expertise. We have a joint project team and soon a single competitively selected contractor which will bring huge benefits. 

“The current sea wall at Anchorsholme is in very poor condition leaving thousands of properties at risk of flooding, which is a situation that we want to rectify as soon as possible. 

“Submitting the Shoreline Strategy Plan is a vital step forward and I’m delighted that we are getting closer to achieving a result for the local residents.”

Over the last 30 years £130 Million has been spent on coastal protection in Blackpool . This latest project would see 1 km of sea defence replaced from Kingsway to Little Bispham protecting 4960 properties from the risk of flooding.

Wyre brings to the table experience of delivering the successful £24m Cleveleys seafront scheme. Extra funding will mean 1.9km more sea defences being replaced protecting 7,495 properties and community facilities including Rossall Hospita , a number of schools and Government buildings.

Residents and business owners can show their support for the Rossall scheme by completing an online pledge at www.wyre.gov.uk/seawall.

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