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Leisure proposals backed by Wyre's Cabinet

Published on Friday 14th September 2012


Wyre's Cabinet has agreed a report detailing proposals to invest millions in the borough's leisure centres.

The report proposes capital investment of £7.4m to redevelop existing sites and dramatically improve leisure services. This will include the creation of an extreme sports facility for young people at Thornton, a top quality spa facility and dance studio at Poulton and an upgraded centre and new swimming pool at Garstang.

Councillor Lynne Bowen, Cabinet member with responsibility for sport and leisure at Wyre Council said: “I’m delighted that Cabinet has supported the proposals and am looking forward to moving forward with a project that is set to bring great benefits to the residents of Wyre.

"Not only do we aim to massively improve sport and leisure facilities, we also aim to improve financial performance by turning subsidies into surplus, delivering better value for money and ensuring that the council is prepared for future cuts to funding.

“The next steps are to conduct further work around the business plans and with YMCA who manage the leisure centres on our behalf, and to start preparing detailed designs.  

"And there will soon be a public consultation to give residents the chance to express their views on the proposals.”

Consultants Max Associates, who undertook the review of leisure services, will be engaged to assist the council in taking the scheme forward.

Download the Leisure ReviewPDF (2.49 MB)

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