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Waste collections advice in Wyre

Published on Thursday 5th April 2012


Following changes to the domestic waste collection service in Wyre this week, normal rubbish and recycling collection days remain in place for all residents.

However, collection times may vary slightly due to altered rounds, with some collections taking place at a later time than previously.

Residents should continue to put their bins out by 7.30am on their normal collection day and they will be emptied by the end of the day, albeit later than normal in some cases.

Additionally, people should only report a bin as missed if it has not been emptied by the end of the scheduled collection day.

Rubbish and recycling in Wyre is now being collected by Veolia Environmental Services, the UK's leading recycling and waste management company, which has agreed an eight-year contract with Wyre Council.

For further information contact the council on 01253 891000. 

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